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Tim Vollmer Photography

Tim Vollmer Photography

Tim Vollmer Photography Photo tour and photo workshop in Iceland and Greenland

Join us in our Photo tours and Photo Workshops in Iceland & Greenland because nowhere else in the world you can find so many natural wonders in such small area. It is one paradise for every Photographer. Photo Workshop and Photo tour in cooperation with Art Wolfe, Gavriel Jecan, Mike Shipman, Jay Goodrich, Stephen Johnson, Jim Zuckermann, Darwin Widggett, Jack Graham, Greg Duncan, Rod Barbee, Peter Llewellyn and many more.
The landscape is dominated by wide open vistas, glaciers, mountains, geothermal activity and many waterfalls. During the Summer time millions of birds come to Iceland to breed. Photography became my real passion many years ago. Since then I have had a pleasure photographing many fabulous places in different countries. However the most important part of my photographic journey is the possibility to work and life in Iceland.